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Municipal Information

Berks - Albany Township

General Information

Municipal Building:

Building Address:
Kempton Fire Company Social Hall
2451 PA-143
Kempton, PA 19529

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 197
Kempton, PA 19529

Hours of Operation:
None posted

Website | Email
Phone: 610.756.3973
Fax: 610.756.6452

Main Contact: Monica Rabert, Secretary-Treasurer

Type of Government: Second Class Township

Residential Resale Inspection Information




Certificates Required:

Albany Township DOES NOT require Point of Sale inspections.



Act 133 of 2016


Act 133 of 2016 is a Pennsylvania law changing the way that local governments must issue Use & Occupancy permits to homeowners, protecting your clients from abusive inspection practices.


Contact the Reading-Berks Association of REALTORS® if...


...your client is being denied a U&O permit or temporary access permit, or the municipality is inhibiting the settlement as a result of a U&O inspection.

...your client is being asked by the municipality to provide escrow as a condition of issuing a U&O certificate.

...your client is being asked to make repairs or correct violations any sooner than 12 months after the point of sale.

... a municipal official tells you that Act 133 does not apply to them for any reason.

Sign Ordinances and Solicitation Rules

For Sale/Sold Signs:


 For Sale / Sold Signs


Albany township DOES NOT require permits for For Sale / Sold signs.


Maximum one sign allowed per street abutting the lot. On residential lots of up to two (2) acres, up to six (6) square feet per sign. On residential lots greater than two (2) acres, up to twelve (12) square feet per sign. Off-premise signs are not permitted in residential districts.


Open House Directional Signs


Albany township DOES NOT require permits for Open House directional signs.


Maximum of two open house signs allowed per lot, up to four (4) square feet per sign. May be placed a maximum of five days prior to the event, and must be removed within 24 hours of end of open house. Off-premise signs are not permitted in residential districts.  

Building Codes and Zoning

Zoning Regulations:


Ordinance | Map



Building Codes


Albany Township has OPTED-OUT of the enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code, contained in 34 PA Code, Chapters 401-405, as amended.


The PA Department of Labor and Industry is responsible for the inspection of Commercial buildings.


Third party agencies hired by the property owners or their contractors enforce the residential requirements of the UCC.

Rental Property Inspection Information




Certificates Required:

Rental Property Inspections


Albany Township DOES NOT require rental property inspections, with the exception of inspections for short-term rentals.



Short-Term Rental for Residential Purposes


Ordinance 2017-1 | Amended Ordinance 2018-1

Elected Officials

Board of Supervisors


Josh Rabert, Chairperson



Charles Volk, Vice Chairperson



Christopher Schucker, Member



Tax Collector


Tina Weidele, Tax Collector


Public Meeting Schedule

Board of Supervisor Meetings:


Board of Supervisors


First Monday monthly at 7:30 p.m. at Kempton Fire Company Social Hall


Planning Commission


First Monday monthly at 8:00 p.m. at Kempton Fire Company Social Hall


Zoning Hearing Board


Meetings as-needed, contact Zoning Officer

Municipal Staff

Administrative Staff


Monica Rabert, Secretary-Treasurer, Public Records Officer



James L. Davis, Solicitor



Zoning Department


Dennis Reiss, Zoning Officer



Codes Department


Joseph Body, Engineer



Lehigh Soils and Wetlands, Sewage Enforcement


Tax Information

Millage Rate

Millage Rate (County):
Real Estate Mills Municipal: 0.6
Real Estate Mills School District:
Total Millage Rate:

Realty Transfer Percent

PA State Transfer Percent:
Realty Transfer Percent Municipal: 0.5
Realty Transfer Percent School District:
Total Realty Transfer Percent:

Other Tax Information

Per Capita Tax: 10
Earned Income Municipal (%): 0.5
Earned Income School District (%):
Local Services Tax: 52

School District

(Municipal data last updated August 15, 2019)

The information contained in this profile is only intended to provide a general summary of real estate-related laws and regulations in this municipality. It is not intended to take the place of written law, ordinances, or regulations that can be obtained directly from the municipality.