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Municipal Information

Allegheny - Aleppo Township

General Information

Type of Government: First Class Township
Home Rule: No
Municipal Building: Municipal Building

Phone: 412-741-6555
Fax: 412-741-7062

Building Address:
100 North Drive
15143 Sewickley

Mailing Address:
100 North Drive, Sewickley, PA 15143

Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

Main Contact: Gwen Patterson, Manager

Residential Resale Inspection Information

Point of Sale Inspection Required: Municipality does not require inspections prior to the sale of residential or rental property.




Certificates Required:

Sign Ordinances and Solicitation Rules

For Sale/Sold Signs:
Solicitation Rules:

Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance §277 - 

No person shall engage in soliciting or peddling in the Township of Aleppo without first obtaining a license through the Township Manager by application.

However, as outlined in this Ordinance, exceptions apply to the following:

Permit Requirements/Fee:

Peddling and Soliciting License Fee §277-2 - Obtained through the Township Manager.

Building Codes and Zoning

Building Code Requirements:

The Uniform Construction Code, contained in 34 Pa. Code Chapters 401 to 405, as amended from time to time, has been adopted and incorporated as the Municipal Building Code of the Township of Aleppo per §135-2.

Aleppo Township has adopted the 2009 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) and all subsequent editions as the Property Maintenance Code of the Township of Aleppo per §290-1.

Property Maintenance Requirements/Code Enforcement:
Zoning Regulations:

Districts - 

Ø Single-Family Residential - R-1

Ø Multi-Family Residential - R-2

Ø Rural Residential - R-3

Ø Weber's Corner Village - WCV

Ø Commercial/Industrial - C-2

Ø Planned Residential Development - PRD

Zoning Map:

Public Utilities and Septic Ordinances

Rental Property Inspection Information

Rental Property Registration/License Required: See Certificates/Permits Required Below.




Certificates Required:

Landlord Reports §309-4 - Required by landlords through the Township Secretary.

Student Housing and Occupancy Restrictions:

Cooking is not permitted in a rooming or dormitory unit unless approved through an application for Certificate of Occupancy through the Township. Coffee pots and microwaves are excluded as a cooking appliance. 

Elected Officials

Matthew Doebler, President

George Jones, Commissioner 

Michelle Duplaga, Commissioner 

Arthur Williams, Commissioner 

Daniel Darragh, Commissioner 

Clayton Steup, Tax Collector

Public Meeting Schedule

Board of Supervisor Meetings:

Second and Third Monday monthly at 7:00 p.m. in Township Building. 

Planning Commission Meetings:

As needed. 

Tom Moore, Chairperson

Zoning Hearing Board Meetings:

As needed.

Bruno Russo, Chairperson

Municipal Staff

Gwen M. Patterson, Manager

Kimberly Koskey, Secretary

Clayton Steup, Treasurer

International Code Consultants, Zoning Officer and Building Code Official

Tax Information

Millage Rate

Millage Rate (County):
Real Estate Mills Municipal:3.5
Real Estate Mills School District:
Total Millage Rate:

Realty Transfer Percent

PA State Transfer Percent:
Realty Transfer Percent Municipal:0.5
Realty Transfer Percent School District:
Total Realty Transfer Percent:

Other Tax Information

Per Capita Tax: 5
Earned Income Municipal (%):0.5
Earned Income School District (%):
Local Services Tax: 39

School District

(Municipal data last updated November 22, 2019)

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